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10 Steps to Hassle Free Lipat Bahay (moving) Experience

Lipat bahay is literally a "moving" experience. There are tons of things that you need to plan. From fixing the new house, identifying what items to pack ( and throw) and finding a moving service that can provide the best value for your money. While moving can be stressful, it does not have to be. Here are 10 ways to ensure a stress free moving experience:

1. Identify your moving date. Whether its an end to lease contract, house hand-over timing, or moving around a special life milestone, giving enough time to plan the first critical step to moving. The moving timing will determine what items that you need to but and services that you need to plan. It can also be useful if you plan to start moving some items before the actual move in date. An important time to consider is when you plant to first live ( literally sleep) in the new place and not on the old place anymore. This will often determine when you major lipat-bahay date will be.

2. Survey the new place. If the new place is not on ground level, no service lift available to will require moving to narrow spaces, it is important to survey not only the new house but the pathway for the items. Some condominiums does not allow passenger lift to be used therefore all the items need to be hand carried to the new place. Take measurements as necessary to know which items will go where and which items simply cannot be carried to the new place. Narrow space and moving through staircases is a common challenge in lipat bahay but you will need to tell you moving service provider about these requirements so you will not be charged extra for handling.

3. Make an Inventory of items you will keep. Now that you know what items can go into the new place, start making an inventory of items you will keep and discard. This is important so that you will know what items need to be bought as new into the new place. You will also need this information to determine which truck sizes are needed to move your items.

4. Prepare the new place for the move. Go there in advance, start cleaning and preparing the items for the move. sometimes this means putting protective covers on the floor, doors and wall to protect it from being damaged during the move. Ask your moving service provider if they can provide such services specially if the new place is sparkling new!

5. Find a moving/ lipat-bahay service. There are a lot of moving services out there but make sure you select somebody who has had experience in moving service. This does not need to necessarily mean the cheapest provider. Ask what trucks are available. There is a truck ban in Metro Manila so to move at any time choose 6 wheel 14 foot or 10 foot truck or closed FB vans. These trucks are not subject truck ban and can pickup your items any time. If you have a lot of bulky items, as for a truck with lift. This will prevent risk of damages when moving bulky and heavy items inside the truck.

6. Lets start packing! Make sure to protect your items during the move. While the moving company are required to look after your items during the move, incidents cannot be avoided to better be safe than sorry. Empty cabinets, fridge and drawers to make them lighter and easier to carry.

7. Secure the necessary permits. Moving permits are sometimes required spcially for condominium settings. This is to prepare the rest of the residents of the move and for the building management to set the timing and aoid miltimple moves on the same day. Know what are the permits required and what days are allowed to conduct the lipat-bahay

8. Let's get moving. Call you moving company a day before. Good ones will remind you that your move will be coming up a day before the move. Request for special tools and trolley so that items can be transported safer to the truck and to the new place. Ask for additional help is you need, Most companies will offer an advance packing team or extra helpers to help you pack your items and load them into the truck. Make sure you supervise the move and be not too busy moving the items yourself! Focus on watching over the activity to prevent unnecessary damages to your items

9.Unpack and Check items. Unpack and account your items. Some Truckers will seal the truck to make sure you do not loose a thing! Ask for a GPS to track the truck on its way to your moving location.

10. Clean the the old place. Do not leave the old place dirty to avoid unnecessary feed to the landlord or to make sure you can quickly re-sell or have it rented if you own the place. Ask your moving company if they offer this service so you can be more focused on setting up the new place while they make sure the old one is nice and tidy.

I hope this tips can help you prepare for that #hasslefree move. If you have any questions do not hesitate to your agents so wen can assist you on that next move!

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